Alvaro Fortin Morales: Bias of educational assessment in the Latin American context with emphasis on Guatemala

             Anick Verpalen: Bias in tests of dyslexia

             Arzu Aydinli: Volunteering across cultures

             Athanasios Chasiotis: Implicit motives, well-being, evolutionary psychology.

             Byron Adams: identity and personality across ethnic groups in South Africa

             Deborah Schnabel: intercultural communication and training

             Filiz Kunuroglu: Turkish return migration

             Isabel Benítez Baena: Cognitive interviewing and bias reduction in international surveys

             Jamis He: response styles across cultures.

             Joseph Gona: Autism in Kenya

             Lucy Tavitian: Autobiographical memory in cross-cultural context

             Michael Bender: Implicit motives, well-being, autobiographical memories.

             Moheeb Jouda: Acculturation of Palestinians in Western Europe

             Nick Cheong: Intercultural communication

             Pia Zeinoun: Psycholexical approach to personality scale development in the Levant

             Snezana Stupar: Emotional expressions in various immigrant groups in the Netherlands.

             Velichko H. Valchev: Structure of personality in various South-African groups, traitedness

             Youssef Azghari: Acculturation of Moroccan youth in the Netherlands

             Ype Poortinga: Universality, basic processes.